A downloadable asset pack

I am making a custom Gamemaker:Studio Editor to copy/paste modular code into ANY project on the fly~

Features to include: 

  • Create and edit particles 
  • Copy paste those particles into a compiled script to easily use em in your projects
  • Easily add various 'Game Feel' elements ( Screenshake, shaders, surfaces, lighting, etc )
  • Source code! So you can learn everything, top to bottom

For those who just need a particular FX for their game, I plan to make and bundle em too!

  • Impacts
  • Explosions
  • Gun Fx
  • Melee attacks
  • Debris
  • Elemental Fx
  • Platformer Starter Pack
  • Fake 3D Isometric Pack

While in development, enjoy these gifs and stay updated via Twitter @jasontomlee !

Development log

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