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Easy GMS Networking - (Reference Build)

Hello! This asset was created as a learning experience on Gamemaker Networking.

I made this as simple as possible for others to learn & implement into their projects (specifically platformers) !

- It uses a fairly simple system called LockStep.
- It involves the Client mimicking other clients by sending each command the player presses.

- Simple scripts to send keypress/releases
- All the server does is send each action to every connected player.
- CHAT is included!

**I will work on adding interpolation & different ways of networking for a variety of games in the future. Stay updated! **

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Updated 22 days ago


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Easy Networking-Reference Build V1 EXE.exe 2 MB
Easy Networking-Reference Build V1.gmz 59 kB


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Congratulations! You made a perfect tutorial project. I will test it on GM as soon as possible.

Thanks Alex! This is an old one so Ill update it for GMS2 

Hi, I bought and thoroughly enjoy the platforming pack and it's working great except I can't seem to get the chat to work. When I press Enter, all player inputs stop until enter is pressed again, but no chat is displayed ever. It also doesn't seem to be working on the demo. Is there something obvious I'm missing?

There is a variable that prevents the player from moving when the 'Chat' is active. I remember the name being global.input?
And if it doesn't work, try adding at least 2 Clients~

And thank you soo much for the donation !

would this work on all platforms like android?

I recommend you only use it for PC ! It's coded in all native GM:S but I haven't tested it in Mobile.