A downloadable game for Windows

A Jam Game made for GameMaker's Toolkit Jam 2019

Theme: Only One

One Card Carnage is an action packed arcade game where you have to think carefully and on the fly what your next move will be because you can only do one thing each turn.

The Game

With turnbased strategy elements merged with card game mechanics this game brings a unique, fun and short burst experience to you where both strategy and quick on the fly thinking will be put to the test.

Each card given to you will present you with different ways of approaching each encounter. You will have to manage positioning, timing your attacks and healing to ensure your survival. Health pick ups and other useful things can be found by destroying crates or from enemy drops- be sure to pick them up!

Enemies are comming for you so be sure to bring your best deck of cards!


WASD- Move 

R-Mouse- Draw card 

L-Mouse- Use card 

Escape- Go to menu 

R- Restart

The Team:

JustFredrik & BerserkBoy - Artists

Cakeprediction & JasonTomLee - Programmers

Daniel Kim- Music & Sound Design


gmtk_jam_2019_vfinal_v4_exe.zip 12 MB


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I like to see a Mac or browser version of the game, but I like the idea and the design. Good job guys!