A downloadable asset pack

Progress will be posted on  Twitter .
Get access to the early source files on Patreon
Tutorials of each animation will be on Youtube.

Planns for this asset pack:
-Free HTML5 and .exe demo
-$25-30 price point
-Bundled in a Platformer Pack for a discount

Planned Animations

Ground Movement

  • Idle
  • Idle on Ledge (about to fall)
  • Near death/tired Idle
  • Crouch
  • Crouch Walk
  • Walk
  • Sprint
  • Slide
  • Land

Air Movement

  • Air Horizonal Dash
  • Air Vertical Dash
  • Jump Upward
  • Jump Mid
  • Jump Downward
  • Jump Rolling/Flipping

Wall Movement

  • Wall Slide
  • Wall Cling
  • Ledge Grab
  • Ledge Jump
  • Ladder Vertical Up/Down (back showing)
  • Ladder Horizontal Left/Right (back showing)


  • Pushing horizontal object
  • Picking up object (above head)
  • Throwing object


  • 3x Combo Horizontal attack + Upward attack
  • Melee weapon attack
  • Shooting weapon Attack
  • Hurt 3x variations
  • Hurt Blocked
  • Death 
  • Death by Goomba Stomp
  • Spawn-in

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