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Every format available:
Individual frames, sprite sheets, and bundled animation sheets. 

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High frame count and quality sprites.

Pay over $12 for the newest updates and iterations.

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Terms of Use: You may use and modify these for commercial games. You may not directly copy and resell these assets.

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StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, Animation, Effects, fx, smoke, Tutorial, vfx


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SmokeFx Lite Zip.zip 133 kB
SmokeFX Pro Zip.zip 320 kB
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Love these VFXs!

Maybe I missed something, but I'm not sure if I understand the difference between what's included in the paid version and the free Asesprite file?


Hey Simon, thank you! The paid version has more animations and will include future updates. I plan on creating courses that are tied to these purchases as well.

Hi, can we tweak these and use in commercial games? What are the limitations?

They're good to use for commercial projects! Like most assets, you can't resell or redistribute the assets themselves

Ill update the page to clarify the terms


Right on! Thanks for your reply. That makes sense :) These are awesome and iā€™m super thrilled to use in my game. Have a great weekend!


Have a great holiday weekend as well, cheers :) 
If you have a link for your game I'd love share it on the page !

Thanks! Sorry for the late reply. Working on getting the steam page up and the demo together, but my website is here:


I did buy the sprite, but had trouble using them, they are how do i export them in a way i can use them correctly ? am mostly talking about the first smoke animation fx, that is not using the same grid as the others.

Hey! I usually adjust the "Export Sprite Sheet" settings to match the animation sheets. I can export them as .gifs and sprite sheets if you'd like as well

Thank you, i managed to make it work!


Oh sweet!

 Is there anything I can do to make it easier for you or someone else next time?


You can play my game here https://littleknightgames.itch.io/mira and give me feedback i used your smoke effects a lot, it looks great, thank you !

Happy to hear that it helped, best of luck on the kickstarter! The game looks promising 

Let me know if its cool for me to share your game's link on this asset page! Id love for others to see the asset in action


I did Purchase thanks for the awesome Sprite


The way I downloaded it was right click on download and open a new tab and it works. Very cool effects.


the css was the issue- its good now


Cool effects! Thanks for alos providing the aseprite.


Hey! Cool effetcs! But the background should be transparant and not colored. Also I think the Layout is weired :O


OH SNAP Ill get that fixed right away, thank you Pira :D And hope you enjoy it! 


This looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing!


Idk if this is happening for anyone else, but when I click download all that happens is a low alpha gray gets drawn on the screen


nvm - for some reason there are 2 download buttons, i didnt see the first one. first one works


Did the second one work? I posted the Aseprite file and sprite sheet for those who dont have Aseprite. Lmk if theres still an issue, thanks!