Learn how to use Gamemaker-Studio particles

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vfx particle type and system using Gamemaker Studio 2


Condense your particle creation code

Gamemaker Studio particle system code scripts


Gamemaker how to use particle types

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Can you tell me how to import this in game maker studio 1.4 

What's this format type, .yyz

yyz is for gamemaker studio 2
I'll post a 1.4 version this week for ya


Thankyou sir, 

One thing more I wanna know is how your stick fight based platformer progress going on, I saw the gifs u tweeted...they were awesome, seriously, plz do a game dev tutorial series on youtube, I swear it'll rock...

Best of luck,😇

Appreciate the kind words MuazX

I was planning to start doing Youtube at the end of this month- you read my mind :D
Anything in particular you'd like to see? 

Obviously, your liquid flow mechanics and the secret how well u collaborated the sprites with the movement, I mean it's not present in commercial games but u did it in your demo, lol😂

That's  what I want to know, not just me, everyone will love your content, 

And one thing if i could help me, is that  do u know Shaun Spalding he's a youtube creater he makes good tutorial videos of gms 1 and 2, he did a tutorial of rope swing, I implemented it in gms 1, it didn't worked, can u help me out in the code, I mean like an alternative to do that...

This is the video...

Not mandatory only if u get time then I'll be honoured,


love the left-click hit effect in the example you have shown. Hope to use this particle system and these animations on my project I am currently working on.

Glad you enjoy it!